Team Jerseys

Spotting a Pirate at a dragon boat regatta has always been an easy endeavor. Their jerseys are traditionally bright and vibrant and unique to only them.

That has not always been the case though. The original Pirate jersey was a black t-shirt with a white logo. These shirts were worn for the first year only. The matching hoodie was also a great way to accessorize during that first year.

The following year the Pirates went away from the t-shirt and adopted a more colourful look. The new quick dry jersey saw the addition of red sleeves and a red neck with the same logo from the year before

These jerseys saw the Pirates through to the summer of 2009. A completely new design and colour scheme came into affect in July of 2009. White background with a dark blue blast pattern came from the center of the shirt. An updated logo was located over the blast pattern with a new font used to spell out Pirates. The red sleeves adorned the logo, the Pirates catch phrases and a Maple Leaf to signify Canada.

The spring of 2015 saw the latest design come to be. An island view with sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the foreground. A large pirate flag thrust into the ground as if the island had just been claimed. A Pirate ship lurking in the background.

What will be next? A possible new design in the works? Maybe…