Team Events

In addition to practicing and racing in regattas, the Pirates also like to hold off water events. Over the years these have included include team dinners, team outings, camping, BBQ’s, karaoke nights and any other reason to get together. Some of these will be planned way in advance while others are tossed together last minute. You never know when an idea hits a Pirate.

Team AGM

The Pirates Annual General Meeting takes place 2 or 3 weeks before the start of each dragon boat season. The meeting allows the team to come together and map out the course for the coming season. Financials are discussed, coaching strategies are talked about and regattas are chosen. Voting for regattas as well as any other team business is open to all team members in good standing (paid club and team fees)

Team Open Paddle

One of the recruiting tools used by dragon boat teams to promote the sport and bolster their team numbers is an Open Paddle. An Open Paddle is an informal event where potential paddlers came come out to our club, learn about what we do, see the boats and equipment up close, talk with experienced paddlers and then jump into a dragon boat and go for a short paddle. The potential paddler will be given a life jacket and a paddle followed by safety briefing. The paddlers will then be instructed on basic paddling techniques and placed into the boat surrounded by experienced paddlers. The on water portion of the event can last around 15 to 20 minutes but can go longer if the paddlers are enjoying themselves. Once back on land, the potential paddler will be given a chance to ask questions and get more information on joining the team should they want to.