As with any sport there are always fees and costs associated in participating. Below are a list of the club fees, teams fees and an explanation of services. Club and team fees are subject to change. All fees will be explained at the start of each season at the team AGM.

Club Fees

Club fees, as of 2023, are $200 for the dragon boat season. Club fees will grant you access to the dragon boat program for the season, a club life jacket to use, a club paddle to use, club insurance and voting rights as a member in good standing.

Team Fees

Team fees, if needed, will be $100 for the dragon boat season. The majority of the Team fees help offset regatta and equipment costs. A small part of the fees also go towards recruitment and social media costs (website). Included with the team fees are use of a Team Jersey and NCCP Trained Coaching. Teams Fee are discussed at the team AGM each year.

Team Fundraising

The Pirates use fundraising as way to help offset all major team costs. As a general rule of thumb, the team will host Pub Nights, silent auctions, booze baskets and 50/50 draws in an attempt to raise, on average, about $2500 over the dragon boat season. Successful events can also help reduce the team fees.